to a doorway through to another dimension

The Amaru mystery school provides healings and teachings, It welcomes the beginner on their spiritual journey, to more advanced mystery teachings. It is a time of great change on our lovely planet, and we are all part of this process and the school welcomes you to embrace your own evolution.

we will teach you how easy it is to pass through the doorways to the world of spirit,

" find the path to your heart and the amazing world that is inside you, waiting.... just for you..

the time is now ... your life is precious it is the grail you seek don't waste a drop.. open your heart, and fly... "

Once you enroll on any course or series of healings you become part of the community of the school and will meet and share your journey with like minded people.

The mystery school offers a wide range of courses each one a magical invitation for spirit to be part of your life.

"Wise ones, elders, spirit come warm yourself by our fires teach us the forgotten ways..."

healing hands Mesa