Reiki 1

Reiki 1 is a great introduction to energy work and spirituality. You will learn to sense auras, give and receive healing, you receive 4 attunements.

Reiki one is about developing your own self healing, in this course you will be asked to be still, to quiet your mind, and become like a hollow flute, for the reiki energy to flow through. As you connect more deeply with yourself, you will be also more sensitive to the energies of others.When the reiki energy flows though your body, you will be able to create a time each day to place your hands gently on your body, helping the body, spirit and soul to heal, by this warmth flowing. The attunement process, is in itself a deep and beautiful healing, sending more light into the body, it cleanses and detoxifies and activates your light-body.the attunement links you to this golden light for life.

It creates a healing and this creates a 21 day cleansing cycle it is therefore recommended to allow at least 3 months before commencing reiki 2.

healing hands Mesa