Reiki 2

Reiki 2 greatly enhances the healing energy, you learn 3 sacred symbols journeying into healing temples in the astral to receive these gifts and an attunement which links you to the source of the miracle of distant healing. Some students have found family members suddenly became well after they attended this class.

reiki level two focuses on three different types of energy, and understanding the feeling and quality of these energies, and how they may be used.The three sacred symbols are a means of accessing these energies. The flow of the reiki energy is used in these forms, and experienced differently, the class will look at working with and flowing and sensing these diferent energies. the third symbol links to an energy that is so vast that it is possible to send healing over a distance, called distant healing, and healing backwards and forwards in time.We will look at different methods of sending distant healing.This enables you to practise healing on others, and it is advisable to practise on family and friends. we will also discuss ethics and client confidentiality.

this is taught over two days with a month between the two days, to allow you to Practise on family and friends. On day two you will give a healing demonstration and be tested on your understanding of the symbols.

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