Reiki Master 3

Reiki Master 3 Is for those students who want to dedicate their lives in service to others and their own enlightenment, for reiki is also an enlightenment. Compassion is the main requirement. The shindepen, mystery system. This course will cover spirit guides practical work in the human aura. Creating sacred space. Ethics and responsibilities.

Reiki Master is only for serious students of Reiki who either are deeply committed to a path of helping others and using the Reiki energy as a way of being, living and being the principles.The path of self mastery begins as you step into this teaching, the symbols and connection to the most beautiful energy system will help you greatly in your life,your life will transformed as you make a real committment and honouring of the gentle healing power of Reiki. This is the path of the healer and the seer, Reiki Master level will deepen your connection to the source, heal your own lightbody, and give you the skills to assist others on their healing path.following this course it is essential to carry out self healing everyday or as often as possible especially important when you start healing others. We will have practice and demonstrations of aura cleansing, repairing, byosen, using the breath to increase the flow, and look at practicalities of working with clients. at Level three the attunement links you to the master symbols, and a level of energy that makes all healing work more quickly and at a deeper level. It may open up psychic channels, and support and guidance is given for this, with weekly classes in London, and fortnightly classes in Princes Risborough, the school, also provides support via the internet, and ongoing development. Reiki Master level opens your heart to a deeper understanding of Mikao usui and these teachings.

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