Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki Master teacher is for those who feel ready to share these teachings and pass them on to others. You will be taught the attunement rituals. Then be given teaching Practise, it is advisable to teach many classes at level 1 &2 before teaching advanced master classes. This class will also cover dealing with healing crisis that can occur and discussion of past lives and souls purpose.

The Usui reiki system lineage includes also Tibetan master symbols. Some additional non traditional Usui Reiki may be covered. Each class is guided by spirit similar to Takatas teaching method. Some students have seen Usui during attunements and also ascended masters and loved ones in spirit.

As a Reiki Master Teacher Student you will be expected to understand all the symbols you have been taught, a comprehensive understanding of giving treatments to a variety of clients, case studies may be asked for. You will be expected to be able to plan a class effectively and understand a variety of ways of explaining the energies and working with them, simple meditations, gassho meditation, breath techniques, beaming and clearing blocks, creating sacred space to work in understanding the needs of Reiki Students. Understanding the patience and dedication required to teach, and passing on the attunements, there will be practise of linking to the Master symbol, and the attunement for each level of Reiki, will be taught and practised. The class enables you to pass the knowledge of Reiki on to others.The supervised teaching practise will give you guidance and support to assist you in passing your experience of Reiki onto your future students.

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