What is Reiki?

"Being a universal force from the great spirit, it belongs to all who seek and desire healing. "

Hawayo takata the Reiki system of healing was given to Mikao Usui from spirit on mount kurama in Japan

Reiki is universal healing energy channeled by the healer and its teachings passed from a reiki master through an attunement.

Using symbols of power, light and love we awaken to our higher selves our souls purpose and in doing so you will receive new power and the glorious light.

The principles are the heart of reiki I give thanks for my many blessings    :Deau hito minna wo uyamau koto Just for today I will not anger    :Kyou dake wa okoru nakare Just for today I will not worry    :Kyou dake wa nayamu nakare I will do my work honestly    :Shoujiki ni hataraite hibi no kate wo eyo I will be kind to people and every living thing    :Subete no inochi ni kansha wo sasageru koto

the symbols are sacred and keys for accessing different types of energy. Compassion combined with Practise and dedication create powerful healers using this system.

This school is dedicated to excellence providing on going lifetime support, small classes and further development and reiki sharing opportunities.

A few words about reiki for anyone who has never experienced this, Dr Usui dedicated a large part of his life to understanding how Jesus performed his miracles, somehow the mystery teachings have become lost, and many lightworkers are now understanding and being gifted very special healing gifts. The hands of the healer become usually very warm when the reiki flows, and the client normally remains fully clothed under a blanket. It creates a feeling of peace and serenity the healer channels the healing reiki energy, sometimes clients feel this and see colours, no two treatments are the same. The energy continues to work and flow for four days or more and you need to drink more water. It works on the physical, spiritual and emotional body. It has been shown to help many conditions including chronic pain, tiredness, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, grief. It strengthens the immune system and advanced practitioners can heal ancestral wounds and your children's children. Reiki can produce many miracles.

It can be used daily on yourself to rejuvenate, promote inner peace and healing, you can reiki plants, food, pets anything....try it on cars, computers, yes this really works, a computer was completely revived by reiki! Mobile phones charged enough for sending emergency texts.

A few  medical words... reiki is a very safe and beautiful treatment, Please tell your doctor you are receiving reiki  especially if you are receiving medical treatment. Diabetics and clients with high blood pressure on medication will require a blood check as your medication may need to be reduced. Reiki practitioners should not give reiki directly to  tumors unless specialists or supervised in a cancer department, because of the heat generated, it is better to work away from the client using distant healing and beaming in the room. We have had much success using this method, also we can also reiki medication, chemotherapy to reduce side effects. In cases of fractures apply reiki to both ends of the bone, not over the break especially if the bone is not set in place.

Please e-mail any reiki stories so we can include them in our online research archive.

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