Advanced Teachings

Advanced Reiki Courses for Usui reiki masters

Amaru shamanic reiki master teacher the schools  own special reiki course combining shamanic techniques with reiki includes channeling symbols, psychic surgery, cord cutting and sound healing.

Tera mai reiki master teacher all love deepen your reiki experience.

sekhem reiki master teacher healing from the Egyptian mystery schools

Karuna-Grecian reiki master from Dr. allan sweeney includes dreaming temple healing this is extremely special reiki.

Also two newly channeled systems available soon these are of a very high vibration bringing in the Christ consciousness. As we approach 2012 spirit is giving us all greater guidance. More mysteries are being revealed these courses reveal hidden teachings from the essenes, Jesus, and Isis.

' just for today i will sit in peace, deep peace, and love knowing there is only love, and in love there is just peace'

"On the top of mount kurama a small temple a huge stone bowl for incense, a fence carved with kanji and beyond a large old tree, the reincarnation of the god from the planet Venus who came brought by a white horse, Mao-sun with a mission to save mankind. This mountain is protected by the spirit of the sun, and the spirit of the moon. The three symbols of the universal soul, it is a very special place...... you should have a great compassion for all sentient beings.."

Notes from Wendy's journal on her pilgrimage to mount kurama and usuis grave.

channelled information on Reiki

All the information the healing mysteries are stored in the akashic records, now is

to access them. Some people use crystals called record keepers to access this information, others crystal skulls and some visit sacred sites which act as portals to other dimensions. We also are part of a monad or soul group and when we gather together this helps us also gain insight and further teachings. Shamanic journeying, and the process of receiving attunements can each unveil some of the mystery to you.

Some of the reiki secrets were kept in Tibet, symbols scribed on the roof of the monks mouths by their tongues, the original Japanese gassho position a mystical link to open the crown chakra. In diane steins controversial book on reiki she includes channeled information from laurel stenhice*, that reiki was brought to earth from the Pleidian stars, and that Shiva brought the reiki system here. Reiki definitely has strong links with Tibet and the Tantra Lotus sutra written in the 1st century includes reiki symbols.

It is thought that the civilizations of Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis used reiki and that in the civilization of Mu children were taught reiki at school. By Lake Titicaca in Peru is the mysterious doorway Amaru which is the doorway through to Lemuria and Mu, and the lost continent of Atlantis.

*" reiki is part of everyone, it was once universal, children of the early earth in the civilization we call Mu today received reiki at junior school " the fact that "Usuis mountain" mount kurama is linked so strongly with the planet Venus would indicate that there is much we can learn from connecting to these stars and planets for further teachings. In 2012 Venus will travel through the pleidian seven sisters.

The Mystical order of the essenes, the writings of Enoch and the dead sea scrolls also hold the keys to the Ascension process, and many believe the healing system Christ used was reiki, and that the disciples also used reiki. Mary magdeleine was an important priestess in this mystery school. There was a monastery at Qumran near the caves that housed the dead sea scrolls. They taught reincarnation, compassion, simplicity and peaceful living. In the 5th century the church dropped these concepts of rebirth and Karma and much of the mystery teachings were hidden.

Lightworkers are accessing these mystery's this school invites you to be part of this exciting transitional time.

Please contact me to enquire for further details on how to apply for these courses and timetabling.

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