combining the Energy of the Peruvian Munay KI with the incredible Firewalking Ritual.

Firewalk for your personal healing journey, Firewalk for empowerment firewalk to connect deeply with your own heart.

firewalking is an amazing medicine for your personal growth, deepening your connection to the love that is within you. Fire medicine has the ability to transmute and transform old patterns which no longer serve you. to create a real feeling of unity around the sacred flame, you will learn to touch your inner strength in an evening of deep ritual which will cleanse restore and empower your being. ' as you walk with grace and power through the sun's door onto the fire.... you will feel your heart expand at this joyous transformation in your being ..

" in respect to an amazing teacher Peggy Dylan who said that... " Despite my previous experiences of illumination, my work with Western teachers and mystics in India, and my forages into shamanism in both North and South America, when I walked on fire for the first time I felt such a shift, an opening of a door to unexplored possibilities, that I knew I had to make it more widely available. I began a partnership, which was the catalyst for spreading the firewalk in the West. We began an incredible journey with the fire, learning about its healing capacities and its demand for respect and focus. We also began training instructors in order to make the firewalk as widely available as possible.

"People who have that spiritual connection, especially women, now need to embrace this world and bring our tenderness and our perspective to it. The firewalk teaches us how." In Peruvian shamanism the spiritual path is symbolized by three animals: the snake, the puma and the condor. The snake stands for shedding our past, the puma for physical plane mastery and, in the stage of the condor, we spread our spiritual wings.

The firewalk is the best puma practice I've found, teaching us to use our untapped energy with previously unimagined results. "


Each walk and ceremony is made to suit your group and location. Creating a safe and beautiful ritual for your personal evolution. The ritual can include the breaking of ARROWS for transformation and the bending of the REBAR.

Love is the greatest power and this incredible workshop will leave you in no doubt. to book this for your group please contact It is necessary to have a warm indoor space for the FIREWALK SEMINAR. THE WOOD needs to be dry, seasoned ( at least 1 yr.) and dried 60-70 split large pieces. denser wood is most desirable, suggest ash, beech, oak, apple,yew,sycamore. 1 cubic meter of wood per 70 people. kindling, no nails and paper. every one at the FIREWALK needs to sign a release form. you will also need towels and bowls to clean and dry everyones feet. location a large open space, room for everyone to hold hands in a circle. no overhanging trees. grass is ideal a place that is comfortable to be barefoot. the outside site should be about 5 mins from indoor site or nearer. possible tell neighbours you are having a sing song around a fire if noise going to be an issue. pricing a minimum of 20 people per seminar suggest first time walkers 60 suggest returners 40 firewalking instructors who wish to come just pay donation towards refreshments. property owners and assistants come free. our costs 500 plus travel and expenses additional money earned upto 250 goes to you. rest is split 50/50 you will need to provide refreshments/ no drugs or alcohol volunteers to clear and tidy the site. sacred intention it is my heartfelt wish to create events which touch the core of each participant, i ask that you share this intention in all the small details and contacts that are made, enjoying each moment with love and care. i look forward to hearing from you all munay munay is the quechan word for love. kindest warmest regards MUNAY KI FIREWALKING

"firewalking changed my life, burning away so many old fears and self limiting beliefs, to walk on fire is a transforming experience, walk into your full potential." wendy ryan firewalking is about overcoming self limiting beliefs, even if you do not walk attending a fire walk is a deep healing. (the four winds society kindly gave me permission to call my firewalks munay ki firewalking.)

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