munay ki

munay ki

the munay ki is the teaching of love
pure undiluted love from the source

the ninth rite the creator rite connects you to the creator
and awakens in you your soul purpose and an understanding that surpasses anything your heart has ever seen.

for the shaman sees with the heart.

the prophesies say it is time for the feminine voice to be heart
the way of gentleness the way of the heart.

love is where the true power lies.

i have had the priveledge to learn from some amazing men and women some travelling from the amazon, Ecuador, Brazil and Peru from the high mountains of Ausengate , to bring their teachings to the west.

It has been a humbling experience to be in their prescence, and see the beauty of their hearts as with a simple bell or a song they would open a way for spirit and for dreams to become reality.

Don Francisco the Quero Shaman from Peru stood on a chair, you are Professors now... you must teach the MUNAY KI.

Munay Ki is planted like seeds in a garden, praying to the four directions the breath and fire ceremonies grow these seeds.

The RITES are passed as Attunements which creates a shift in frequency in your energy field activating your rainbow light body.

You Become HOMO LUMINOUS Living, Ageing and Dying Diferently.

You become connected to the Day Keepers the ones who tended the ancient temples.
You become connected to the Starkeepers and all the Archangels.
You walk in beauty in protection and grace.
You become the storyteller the myth maker
You dream a vision of a beautiful healed world for future generations.

As you heal yourself it echoes along all generations healing the past and the future.

Prepare for 2012
Remember why you came here to planet earth at this time.
The MUNAY KI will teach you of the power of divine love and connect you
with a lineage  of ancestoral medicines, angels and star beings from the future to guide you
and help you on your path.

5 Princples of the MUNAY KI

Non Violence

Foundation Rites

     •     Healers Rites: Launches healing journey. Activates your healing power.
     •     Bands of Power: Protections.
     •     Harmony Rites: Connects you to organizing principles of the universe.
     •     Seer Rites: Awakens the Seer within; re-wires perceptual centers.

Lineage Rites

     •     Daykeepers: Bring healing and beauty
     •     Wisdom keepers: Teach. Bring wisdom and joy. Eliminate suffering.
     •     Earthkeepers: Hold stewardship of entire Earth. Become peace.

     .     Rites of the Time to Come. - starkeeper rites

Downloads the final codes for the new human into the luminous energy field.
Anchors you in the future NOW.

     Creator Rites.

Connects you to all that is the love that is MUNAY KI.
Brings the cellular realization that Spirit is not only acting through you,
but as YOU, ineffable Pure Consciousness.

With thanks to the FOUR WINDS SOCIETY for spreading these teachings they say that the munay ki is :-

     1.     The next Step in Evolution

     2.     Evolution within generations, not only between generations. How? The Luminous Energy Field (LEF) is the software that instructs the hardware (DNA) to manufacture proteins that create the body.

     3.     Munay-Ki are the codes for the new human. These codes are transmitted through 9 rites or “downloads” into the LEF. Download ports are the chakra system. The chakras connect to our spine and inform our neuro-physiology and brain directly.

     4.     Munay-Ki means “I Love You” or “Be as Thou Art”. The first 7 rites of the Munay-Ki have always been available. The last 2 rites have never been available to humanity before this time.

     5.     Why is the Munay-Ki important?

     •     Activates the LEF and its power to manifest and create.

     •     Transforms your life from scarcity to Grace.
     •     2012
     •     144,000 conscious, awake humans that can change the world.

For details of REGULAR introductory workshops to the MUNAY KI
please contact me 01844 347397
8 day shamanic workshops in the 9 rites £500
Also workshops to deepen the rites, fire ceremonies and ongoing support.
The Munay Ki may be learnt in 3 weekends at your own pace, please contact me and I will be happy to arrange the best course for you.

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