Karrim Rabi-laleh

"I have been learning with Wendy for about 3 years now in a way I think we have grown together as a teacher she really cares about me as a human being she has made sure that every course or healing has been an experience that I have really learnt from. Spiritually she is able to connect to the divine in a very clear way and use it in a way that is very gentle and powerfully healing."

Anna (dartmoor healing retreat)

"It was amazing. Wendy also is a true healer. She's a great woman with amazing energy!"

Ozi (student)

"I have MS and was in a bad way, since meeting Wendy my health has had a dramatic change for the better. She's an amazing teacher and has attuned me up to level 2. I highly recommmend this amazing teacher."

Xanthe (student)

"Wendy Ryan has a very gentle style, assured, calm and loving. I went on two Reiki courses with her and consequently asked her to perform a soul retrieval for me very recently. Her observations and visions on both the courses and the retrieval were remarkably specific but at no point frightening.

I found the soul retrieval an extremely powerful experience. It went very deeply into an issue that I have been dealing with all my life. The result was revelatory and ultimately wholly creative and inspiring.

I can thoroughly recommend Wendy. With her you are in safe, extremely well trained, intuitive hands. She has a fantastic sense of humour and playfulness, is very down to earth and a person you instantly relax with. She is also totally trustworthy and excellent at keeping confidence, which was very important for me. I unreservedly recommend her. "

Petra Chriastelov

First time I met Wendy in India in Yoga training in spring 2010. I recognized her strong healing abillities after she helped me with my bronchitis using Reiki. I found in her great friend, warm mother like loving person, but her strongest power is not only in techniques she is using , but first of all with her natural loving attitude she radiates wherever she goes. I attend also shamanic solstice workshop in UK june 2010. It was all oragnised in very professional way from food, accomodation to healing techniquess and pesonal approach. For me it was very strong and deep experience with led to deep respect to Wendy´s work. Later she made me soul retrieval , she was working in London, I was laying on the floor in Slovakia. I have to say as i look back after few months , it was life changing point. She is the person, which always say right word or give hug in appropriate way. I will recomend her strongly as a healer as well as yoga teacher and lecteur with deep personal experience and mastery of techniques she is using.


I have been working with Wendy since October 2010. I was introduced to her by a mutual friend who had been doing Breath work with Wendy and said I should give it a go. The Breath work ahs worked amazingly for me and has really helped to clear some of the issues that have been hidden deep within. Wendy has then supported me through a number of Shamanic Healings and Soul Retrievals, which have really supported my heath and well being. I have done my Reiki level 2 with Wendy as well and could not believe the amount of power and energy I have received from this. Wendy has and is really supporting my path of healing and well being and without her support and healing powers I would not be as balanced as I find myself today. I still have a long road to travel but I know Wendy will be with me to support me along that road to ensure my goals are achieved in the future.

healing hands Mesa