My Yoga Story.......

When I was 16 I was given a book Richard Hittleman's 28 day yoga plan a very simple guide to Hatha Yoga a plan I followed for four years after that yoga came and went in my life. I took my son as a baby to mother and baby yoga classes now he is now aged twenty.

Ten years ago I was taken to hospital with a suspected diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, my sight went from double vision to blurry, I fell over constantly, felt very weak and spent some time in brain scanners etc.

After three years I was on a walking stick with a disabled badge and found it very difficult to do very simple things.

I first met Danny Paradise at the yoga party's each year in Oxford where the yogis from all over the world would gather, sitting around campfires singing, I could hardly stand, but I decided the following year I would do one of Danny's classes....

I practised everyday for the next year; sometimes one posture would take all day then I would fall asleep. I used cushions off the sofa and modified the positions until little by little all became a little easier.

I meditated on my nervous system, my chakras and little by little improved. The summer came around and I turned up to the class with a sheet, didn't know you needed a mat because you get so hot you sweat and slip, someone lent me one. Danny laughed when he saw me sitting there, that year I managed one class only, my legs shook and it was so inspiring to be surrounded by such energy at such a level of energy and concentration.

This year several years on two classes in one day, gentle flowing and lyrical...a miracle and I give thanks to my friends for their support and inspiration on my journey back to health.

And because this is my story I know that yoga works and can be modified and practised by any one of any age regardless of their present physical condition. I teach yoga to beginners in their 70's, people newly diagnosed with serious illnesses, and any age group which are interested in this dynamic style of yoga.


Yoga an ancient shamanic healing practise, a journey to the soul, YOGA means union, a way of strengthening the body, calming the mind, and a means of personal evolution.

wendy ryan inspired by the teachings of Danny Paradise, the first westerner to master astanga yoga with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

The classes will include a gentle introduction to the primary series astanga, a dynamic yoga, with a mix of hatha, breathwork and relaxation.

Classes are suitable for all

Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a yoga mat, and a rug for the relaxation.

YOGA can be practised at any age, and poses can be adapted to suit any physical disabilities.

Astanga Yoga is a dynamic rhythmical yoga centred on the breath, it soothes the central nervous system, and develops strength and quietness within the body.

Having learnt astanga from the starting point of a severe illness myself I teach gentle modifications of the basic primary series so it is accessible to all."

When Teaching Group Yoga during the finishing relaxation postures the Reiki creates a deepening of the healing process.

I offer Personal Yoga+Reiki sessions- Yoga practice followed by a Reiki treatment.


yoga practice sadhana that a yogin passes to attain awakening. These stages were first codified by Patanjali written in the YOGA SUTRAS more than two thousand years ago and have many similarities to the eightfold path of early Buddhism.

The practice of breath control, meditation and the asanas which develop heat by the internal locks or bandhas share similarities with indigenous spiritual traditions throughout the world. It is an ancient shamanic practice; capable of producing profound altered states of enlightenment and union with the divine.

SAMDADHI - PURE BLISS in quietening the mind and opening the heart it allows the radiance of the divine to nurture, heal, and inspire.

" To practice yoga is thus to unite the body with the mind... The body, mind and intelligence with the depth of the soul"


Yoga is a personal practise a Divine Space, a balm a space for personal evolution.

healing hands Mesa